Friday, 24 July 2009

QFH Antenna

I have been looking round for a while to replace my dis-cone antenna. Much of what I read lead me to looking at the QFH antenna I eventual found a good web site with some good pictures and a straightforward build plan please see this link.

The QFH far out preforms my dis-cone and is giving very good results. I original had the antenna in my garden well away from the house. I decided to then pop a bracket on the back wall of the house. This as it turns out was quite a mistake as I now seem to get drop out in the images, this I think is due to the antenna being too close to my tv antenna and level with it.

I was fortunate to have materials left over from the build of the QFH so am currently am building a second QFH that I will place in the garden again. where the the original was.

please see this links for pic's of the first anntenna under construction.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Site up and running

Please see this link for the latest images I have recived directly from the NOAA-N satellites.